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1 Logical flaws present/inconsistent:

The story has some logical flaws present. This might be due to physicality of the world or the setting or this might have surfaced due to some comparison between some conditions at two point in the story. A gun for example does not function differently because some other person is holding it. That being said some steampunk settings or other worlds or times might have different rules. It’s just that the rules should not change for one person or in the flow of the story.

2 Character logic/actions/background is not fitting. [C]

The character is acting radically different than it’s expected background. A thief saving some children from fire might be okay but returning a money to local authorities for no reason at all does not fit it’s character. We build up characters so that they can have a way of life and their decisions mean something. Sometimes making characters act in a way is a fast way to tie up loose knots but it usually damages the narrative of the story.

3 More description needed [C]

There is a lack of description in the material. This happens usually when we are in a hurry to tell the plot. Our main character jumping in a vessel and diving in to the aquatic world might be the core of the story but we like to hear how does the vessel look like? Does it have fins? Is it organic? What does our main character see? Some more time on the details is needed.

4 Less description needed [C]

The story is drowning in details that don’t help the flow or simply uninteresting. In a robotic world we might not be so interested how the man are dressed especially if it’s very much like our world for example. The detail must have a purpose or add flavour; it shouldn’t burn up the time or the story or make the reader forget what the main plot was after reading a half page of descriptions.


5 Higher  pace of story needed. [C]

The story is moving too slowly for the reader. There might not be much happening of interest or the descriptions and the narrative is keeping the tempo down.

6 Slower pace of story needed. [C]

Everything in the story is happening too fast. This usually damages the impact of peak moments within the story. There should be a nice build up and the writer should take it’s time with the story.

7 Not easy to understand/ follow [C]

Multiple arcs, weird narrative choices might damage the integrity of the story telling making it hard to understand or follow. There are some cases though this might be pulled off with a good result so that not every wrapped narrative is malicious. It might also help the suspense in some cases. In this case  however the rater found that this way of telling the story is not helping or making it hard to understand.


8 Too short  for the idea [C]

The idea needs more writing to realize it’s full potential. This looks like too cramped up and squeezed together for such an idea.

9 Too long for the idea [C]

The story is too long for this idea. The idea get diluted and the impact of the story gets diminished.

10 Right on time!/Length is just perfect [P]

Neither too short nor too long there is a right length for this story and you have achieved it. Deciding the length without making the reader bored or sacrificing the potential of the story is a great feat.


11 Brilliant idea. But underutilized. [C]

The idea is well liked, there is enough material to produce something of significance but that hasn’t been the case. A re-evaluation of the general idea and extending it or deepening the subject might help.

12 Decent idea but well utilized. [P]

The idea is not that great itself but it has been carefully prepared and served which has pleasantly surprised the reader. It’s not easy to satisfy the reader what you start is medium grade idea. We hope you can use your skills on a better idea next time but well done this time

13 Brilliant execution [P]

The transfer of the idea to the story has been brilliant. Sometimes idea is great in someone’s mind but it takes skill to pull it out and transfer it as perfectly as possible to the paper.

14 Good use of language and grammar [P]

Your good use of language and grammar has been notice. A good language usage is a must for transition from amateur to a professional writer making the story much more enjoyable. A good grammar makes it easy and pleasant to read.


15 Great humour. [P]

There are no templates to this. If you are able to put some smiles on the readers that’s one good achievement.

16 Nice Symbolism.[P]

Symbolism is a powerful tool. It’s the art of telling something without actually using the thing. Your ability in this area has been recognized and praised.

17 Captain Obvious [C]

The story tells too much, too openly. Sometimes the reader needs the brain exercise, she wants to explore and understands by herself. This story tries to hard too much to explain itself a bit concealment and respect of human intellect and understanding must be sought.


18 Well developed/vivid characters [P]

Characters are well developed. They have depth and might even show some progress during the story. They have multiple levels that the story draws material from.

19 One dimensional characters[C]

Characters in the story are too much of a tool. They have only one aspect and usually not so inspiring. As an example is a captain his sole job is flying the zeppelin that the main character is riding. The characters seem like more of furniture than a living person.

20 Stereotyping too much. [C]

“The way this characters is “has affected the story too much. Not all archeologist heroes are Indiana jones, not all taxi drivers are stree wise to the bone. The reader feels that your characters are just filled up with general out look to that character from many other stories from pop culture.

21 Chosen one syndrome [C]

The character draws and does stuff too much and this is explained as he is the hero. In a shoot out he doesn’t get shot beside other people dropping like flies since he is the main character. Everything happens to him for a “mystic” reason is not a real reason at all unless the story revolves around this. Sometimes it’s the omni potency of the character that puts people off sometimes it’s the extra lucky circumstances that hurts the reality fabric of the story.

Connection to Reality

22 Reference bound[C]

Some references are amusing. In other times in order to understand the story if you need to know all the references it might be boring and frustrating. The references given might be also very bounded with time like a summer pop-song which might not be understood in the upcoming years. These are risks and the reader points out these risks you took in the story are not worth it.

23 Nice Roots in reality[P]

Some foundations are so strong in reality; it amplifies the fiction we are writing. It just makes the people ask “what if?” and reinforces the illusion. Your ability has been praised in this regard.

24 Timeless[P]

All stories age; yours apparently does not. Jules Verne’s nautilus might be an old retro submarine but the story still cruises fast under the sea because it has been a classic. It might be your references that  are timeless or your gadgets might still function in the upcoming years. Whatever you did the readers find your fiction to uphold its value in the future..

25 Gadget manual[C]

SF is a domain of new technology and possibilities. However sometimes a story focuses too much on how an instrument works or how a society functions fully eclipsing the story that is to be told around such change and possibilities. Probably the idea is inspiring but it is encourage to think how this would play into a story rather than write a show case for a new gadget. As an example time machine story by H.G Wells is not trying to focus on the time machine itself but focuses on the drama it creates, implications of such technology.

Story Arc/Idea

26 Dull and forgettable [C]

Sorry your story just didn’t leave an impact in anyway for the reader to remember.

27 Thought provoking/inspiring[P]

Your idea is inspirational might have sparked a new idea in the readers mind. Or it is written such a way that it provided a new angle and perspective to a topic. I very high praise indeed.

28 Fresh idea [P]

The idea is fresh and something new. Now easy to come by in the sea of internet. Your creativity has been acknowledged.

29 Gets you hooked up! [P]

Your story draws people into it. There is an element of continuity that makes people wonder and keep on reading. This type of grasp of the readers attention is praised.

30 Great arc build up/great journey [P]   

A great journey with ups and downs and turns and twists is hard to find. Your story seems to satisfy the reader as a whole journey.

31 Too linear story arc. [C]

The story doesn’t change in tempo or it is just very monotonously told. Within the story there are no moments of climax or where the pace of the story picks up. It just goes to the end very linearly. Perhaps a different kind of narration should be sought to increase the readers attention. Linear story arcs usually end up decreasing the readers desire to continue to read.

32 Great atmosphere/world building [P]

A good story happens within a magnificent background. It could be awe inspiring ,very consistent, something multilayered and plays into the hands of the story. A masterpiece example is Arrakis from Dune series.

33 Shallow/ blank atmosphere[C]

The atmosphere is dull and not much detailed. Maybe the reader felt that he or she has to assume too much or dream too much to make the atmosphere work. Maybe the atmosphere is nice but just doesn’t click with the occurrences in the story. Maybe you are telling about a train robbery in space but the space aspect does not necessarily help the story or damages the realism it’s trying to create.

34 Great twists /references [P]

The story does great things in surprising the reader. It might have turned ceiling upside down in the middle of the story or maybe a nice concealment of ones true identity and nature. Maybe it’s the bits and pieces of references hidden in the story that made the reader appreciate. One good example is the “Planet of the Apes” finale scene.

35 Too predictable[C]

The reader knew pages ahead where this story was going so the suspense and excitement just faded away. Some more concealment and retelling of the subject in a different manner might have helped. Or perhaps a good nice twist or some dilemma “will he or will he not” moment might improve the situation.

36 Factory fabricated/too much streamlined [C]

The story seems to barrow a lot of streamlined aspects from other references. It streamlines a lot of ideas and has not so much to tell above them. The originality of the story and background is low and seems like a patchwork of different references.

37 Deus Ex Machina/Hand of God [C]

The solution to the dilemma or the resolution of the story comes from a very outside unknow force (Deus Ex Machina in Latin 😊). It makes what the characters do or their choices redundant. Although very common resorting to such solutions usually alienates the reader from the story arc and the character resulting in a bad taste in mouth when the story ends.


38 Shows promise… [P]

Sometime in a story writing is off, there is slow pace at some place bad at other. The atmosphere does not fit…etc. but you still like it. This is normal not all stories are perfect or not all writers are professionals from the start. To encourage new writers and praise some half baked but promising stories this button exists.

39 Masterpiece[P]

One in one hundred you encounter a story that is just perfect in your mind. When it’s finished you are a bit saddened with it’s passing and you feel it’s uniqueness among others. At a dinner conversation this is the one you start with “Hey I read a very nice story back in the other day…let me tell you”.

This story should be one of the stories if you somebody wants a reference to a good story

Please use this praise with caution; we know that they don’t exist that often and this praise should be used with responsibility. But once it’s used for one of your stories be proud and keep up the good work

40 Bad Idea[C]

The idea is not satisfactory. It might be cheesy or the scene might be out of place with the general concept. Maybe there is simply not much of a substance to tell a story.You should reconsider the foundations and premise of the idea.